• Author:王振翔  Date:2023-03-28
    Companies listed on China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), otherwise known as the “New Third Board”, are considered unlisted public companies.
  • Date:2023-03-27
    This article takes Beijing as a prime example and analyses how courts approach disputes arising from employees breaching the service period agreement after receiving their assisted hukou.
  • Author:石钛戈  Date:2023-03-20
    On February 24, 2023, China’s cyber watchman, the Cyberspace Administration of China , released the final version of the Measures on Standard Contract for Overseas Transfer of Personal Information, together with a template of the Standard Contract for...
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2023-03-13
    Follow-on antitrust lawsuits are claims for civil damages for suffering losses from monopolistic conduct filed after antitrust administrative investigations and penalty procedures.
  • Author:沈成 陈颖  Date:2023-03-11
    This article briefly reviews the evolution of financial supervision and management mechanism in China, and briefly analyzes and outlooks the challenges that will be brought by this reform.
  • Author:王振翔  Date:2023-02-13
    On 30 September 2022, the MOF and STA issued the announcement No. 31 of 2022, which provides for VAT, stamp duty, deed tax, real property tax and urban land use tax when offsetting non-performing asset claims in kind by financial institutions, including both...
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